2017 SA Duathlon News

Dear All

The TSA Excom has received the attached bid and information for the 2017 SA Duathlon and LD Duathlon Championships from KZN Triathlon. The TSA Excom has accepted the bid and the suggested race schedule. The event will thus be hosted on the 2nd July 2017.

Please forward this information through to your members and interested parties.

However, the dilemma that the TSA Excom does have is that the 2017 Duathlon World Championships forms part of the ITU Multi-sport World Championships festival in Penticton in Canada, hosted towards the end of August. Athlete entries close at the end of April. We have requested an extension for late entries, however it is foreseen that the results for the 2017 SA Duathlon Championships and subsequent team selection will only be completed on a date way past the extension date for entries. 

The Excom therefore intend to request the selectors to select a duathlon team (maximum 20 in each age category) based on the following criteria:

1.            The 2016 provincial/regional duathlon championship results.

2.            The 2017 SA National Triathlon Championships.

3.            The 2016 Duathlon World Championships.

In addition, provinces/regions may also put names forward to the convenor of selectors with credible results of the past 24 months, of athletes to be considered for inclusion. Such name list and motivation must reach the TSA Office not later than 28th April 2017.

The 2017 LD Duathlon World Championships is in Zofingen, Switzerland in September. This team will be selected based on the 2017 SA LD Duathlon Championships results in KZN.

Provinces/Regions are advised in advance that the results for the 2017 SA Duathlon Championships will be sole selection criteria for the 2018 ITU Multi-sport World Championships festival in Finland (which includes the 2018 World Duathlon Championships) to be hosted at the beginning of July 2018.

Best regards

Sharon  Oakley


Triathlon South Africa

13 April 2017