Dear all,


I would like to provide you with some updates for Paratriathlon.


·        PT5 Compensation Times for 2015

o   As mentioned in the email from FEB 2nd 2015, the new calculation values were to be approved and published prior to the first WPE of the season in Buffalo City (RSA) . You can find this information under:

o   ITU would like to thank once again all the contribution made by this group to the development of the new value.


·        Classification forms for VI athletes (PT5):

o   Please note that ITU will not accept forms that are not:

§  Filled out completely by an OPHTALMOLOGIST

§  Filled out in ENGLISH

§  Visual Acuity and Visual Fields provided must not be more than 1 year old.

§  If the athlete has documents and classification cards from another sport these are very helpful, so please send them also to ITU


·        Handler Requests – Guidelines for applications:

o   As there have been recent discussions about some handler requests with some NFs, we would like to provide you the main guidelines that are taken into account for the application of ITU Competition Rule 17.6 b) i):

o   The ITU  Panel for Personal Handler Approval  has determined the following guidelines for determining approval of personal handlers for Paratriathletes in competition:

§  There needs to be a clear reason for an athlete to get a handler in terms of being able to continue the race. If someone is simply requesting a handler to "save" time, the approval panel will not grant it.

§  Paratriathletes with a single/ unilateral upper or lower limb eligible impairment  will not be eligible for a handler as it has be determined through evidence that  training and practice  will enable a Paratriathlete to perform all required competition tasks without assistance.

§  Putting on and removing prosthesis independently is considered a task that Paratriathletes with an amputation area able to achieve with practice and training .

§  Consideration will be given to Paratriathletes with double arm amputations and Paratriathletes with severe neurological impairments that cause balance and coordination difficulties limiting their abilities to remove their wetsuit whether standing or sitting or lying on the floor and to clip a helmet buckle.

§  The Panel will always make reference to the Paratriathletes classification evaluation card and medical diagnostic forms to confirm there is no secondary eligible impairment that results in a significant activity limitation before granting or denying a personal handler for competition.


·        Equipment Adaptation - Approved Paratriathlon Impairment Adaptations on Bicycles

o   Please note that document has been updated and can be found under  

o   We once again ask you to check it and to make sure you are included in the list if you have an approved bike adaptation or if you need to submit an update on your adaptation. Athletes that are not classified under the new classification system from last year have been removed.


·        Paratriathlon Rankings Calculation

o   As already communicated previously, the Paratriathlon ranking process has been automatized and we ask you to monitor your athletes’ points in order to ensure everything is running smoothly.


·        Rio 2015 World Paratriathlon event

o   The race will take place on the August 1st. There will be two stand-alone races with approximate 30 athletes each, in order to test the Paralympic Games scheduling and course. The briefing will take place on Friday July 31st.  For any additional information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


·        Chicago WCHs key dates

o   Please note that the Start List for the Chicago WCHs will be produced on MON 17 August. It will take into consideration the results from the Detroit WPE race held on SUN 16 AUG.

o   Aquathlon paratriathlon briefing: Tuesday September 15th at 12:30 (location tbc/open to athletes, handlers and team managers)

o   AG & Open Paratriathlon Team Managers Meeting: Tuesday September 15th at 14:30 (location tbc/open to team managers only)

o   Aquathlon Paratriathlon World Championships: Wednesday 16 September at 10am

o   Classification if needed for Review or protest cases would be TUE 15 and WED 16

o   Elite paratriathlon briefing: on Wednesday September 16th  at 17:00 (location tbc/open to athletes, handlers and team managers)

o   Elite Paratriathlon World Championships: Thursday 17 September at 10am. Medal Ceremonies are planned to start at 1pm on the same day.

o   The NFs meeting is planned for FRI 18 September from 11am to 1pm. Location TBD.

o   The ITU Open Paratriathlon WCH race is planned for SUN 20 September at 7am.


·        2015 ITU Classification Seminars

o   Please be reminded to let us know as soon as possible if you have any interested person in becoming a classifier, so that we can scope the seminars for 2015. We have discarded Monterrey as there were no interests, and there is a possibility to do one in Lausanne prior to the ETU Continental Championships if there are enough candidates.

o   Chicago may be an option depending on the interests received.

o   We remind you once again about letting ITU know in case you are aware of any ophthalmologist or optometrist within your nation who may have a background or some triathlon knowledge and would be interested in becoming a Vision Impairment Classifier for ITU or take part in a research group for VI in Paratriathlon please have the contact me.



o   Please note that ITU will be issuing an update on the status if the Classification System till Rio and the immediate steps to be taken for the 2017 season.

o   We are asking again for the cooperation of the NFs and athletes for some data collection at specific events this season, such as Monterrey, Geneva and Chicago. This will be fundamental to validate new features that ITU is considering for the modification of the current system after Rio 2016.


·        ITU Media

o   ITU is closely working with the IPC to give as much coverage to the Paratriathlon Events from the Media perspective. IPC may contact athletes from your NF for interviews, etc.., prior to some of the races this year. We kindly ask your athletes to cooperate as much as possible to help create awareness of paratriathlon prior to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.


Please pass this information to the responsible people in your federation and the National Paralympic Committee in your territory.

Kind regards,