Selection Criteria for Youth Olympic Games

Dear All

Below please take note of the selection criteria for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires as received from SASCOC for final clarification. You are requested to share this information with potential athletes and parents/guardians within your Provinces prior to the SA Triathlon Championships.

The selection events are:

  • South African Triathlon Championships (17 March, Maselspoort, Free State)

Based on age specific results:  up to a maximum of 4 male and 4 female athletes (total 8 athletes, provided their results merit selection) will be selected for the African Triathlon Championships in Rabat, Morocco  (selected by TSA).

  • African Triathlon Championships (22 April, Rabat, Morocco)

Based on age specific results: 2 male and 2 female athletes (total 4 athletes) will be nominated by TSA to go to Algiers, Algeria for the African Youth Games. The nomination will be based on the results from the South African and African Triathlon Championships (equal weighted). The eventual team will be selected by SASCOC.

  • African Youth Games (17-27 July, Algiers, Algeria).

The results will qualify 5 slots for the African Continent (maximum of one slot per country per gender) for the Youth Olympic Games. If SA qualifies for a gender slot, TSA will nominate to SASCOC an athlete. The final selection is up to SASCOC. At this stage there is no guarantee that SASCOC will include triathlon in their team selection for the Youth Olympic Games.

SASCOC Selection Criteria:

  • Athletes must be born in 2001 and 2002
  • In good standing with the National Federation (Triathlon South Africa)
  • Athletes have to race in all three races for selection consideration to Youth Olympic Games
  • TSA will select  up to 4 athletes for the African Championships, given competitive results
  • SASCOC will select 2 athletes for the Africa Youth Games
  • If the first South African athlete finishes within the top 3 athletes at African Youth Games he/she will qualify TSA 1 slot to Youth Olympic Games. If TSA do not have any of the 2 selected athletes to Algiers, within the top 3 at African Youth Games, TSA will not qualify for a slot to the Youth Olympic Games.
  • SASCOC will select 1 athlete per gender for the Youth Olympic Games


  1. TSA will contribute towards the African Triathlon Championships in Morocco for the athletes, with the balance being self-funded.
  2. SASCOC will pay for all expenses to the African Youth Games in Algiers and the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aries.

Best regards

Sharon  Oakley

Secretary General

Triathlon South Africa