2019/2020 Seisoen

Information for the 2019/2020 seasoen

1.Rules and Regulations


1. The race will be according to the rules of TSA and the ITU.

14. The event is open to any athlete. Athletes can only participate with a day license (which is available at each event) or with an active TSA registration.

2. Only participants and officials may enter the transition area.

15. Cyclist should keep to the left of the road and should not cross the centre line at any time.

3. Drafting only permissible in draft legal races.

16. Athletes may not cycle or run with bare torso.

4. Cyclist must ride predictably and responsibly and obey all traffic regulations and instructions from traffic officers and marshals.

17. No unauthorised vehicles of family and friends are allowed to accompany the cyclist along the route. No assistance is allowed from any moving vehicle.

5. The routes will be shown on a map and cyclists must satisfy themselves that they understand exactly where to ride.

18. Entrants confirm that to the best of their knowledge their state of health is good and that they are aware of the challenges of the route and that they are physically able to complete the race.

6. Entrants must complete the route entirely under the own power.

19. All participants compete entirely at their own risk and concedes that they or their next of kin, have no claim whatsoever against the organisers, residing Town Council, sponsors or officials in respect of any injury or damage to persons on the property arising out of any accident in any way related to the event.

7. All swimming athletes should wear a brightly coloured swim cap during the swim.

20. Hard-Shell helmets are compulsory and must be approved by an official authority.

8. Every cyclist confirms that his/her bicycle is in a roadworthy condition.

21. Attendance of the Race briefing is compulsory for all athletes.

9. Failure to comply with any of the rules may result in disqualification. The ruling of the organizers will be final in case of any dispute of whatever nature.

22. Practice good sportsmanship at all times and avoid use of abusive language.

10. No entry fees will be refunded.

23. Athletes may only take part according to the minimum age requirements as defined by ITU and TSA rules.

11. TSA and FST rules and regulations apply.


12. No assistance from parents or friends are allowed.


13. No seconding is allowed.


2.Preliminary Dates for Season 2019/2020

5 October 2019 (Tri/Duathlon)

19 October 2019 (Tri/Duathlon)

16 November 2019 (Tri/Duathlon)

11 January 2020 Free State Triathlon Championship

8 February 2020 Super Sprint Relay

9 February 2020 SA Senior Age group Sprint Championships

22 March SA Triathlon Championship in KZN


3.Qualifying for SA Triathlon/Duathlon

  • 2 X Local events OR 1 x local event and 1 event at other provinces.
  • Free State champs is compulsory. Sick letters will only be accepted in emergency cases.
  • Only 1 sick letter will be accepted through the season.

When you participated in an event organised by another province, it is your responsibility to forward your results to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

4.TSA Registration

  • Online TSA website (athletes need to do their own registration online).
  • Early bird registration till end November with 2018/2019 fees are still payable.
  • In December fees increase to:
    • Seniors R500
    • Juniors R400

5.Day Licences apply when athletes are not registered with TSA

  • Standard distance and Long distance:                          R130.00
  • Sprint and Super Sprint:                                                  R40.00
  • See the letter from insurance regarding the TSA registration and the necessity of taking up TSA Licences.

6.Entrance at Maselspoort per person:

Entrance to Maselspoort is R35 per athlete and R35 per spectator. (To be confirmed)

7.Starting times for all races:

  • Registration opens:                                          07h00 – 07h45
  • Race briefing:                                    07h45
  • Start                                                     08h00 with 5 min gaps for sprint and super sprint
  • 8 – 12 will start on their own – when most athletes are out on bike.

8.Distances for Triathlon

  • Long distance (if more than 10 athletes competing):   2250 m swim, 60km bike and 15 km run (minimum age 20 years)
  • Standard:                            1500m swim, 40km bike, and 10 km run (minimum age 18 years)
  • Sprint:                                 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run
  • Super sprint:                      400m swim, 10km bike and 2.5km run
  • 8 – 12 years:                      200m swim, 5km bike and 1.25km run

9.Distances for Duathlon

  • Long distance (as above):               15km run, 60km bike, 10km run
  • Standard:                                            10km run, 40km bike, 5km run
  • Sprint:                                                 5km run, 20km bike, 2.5km run
  • Super sprint:                                      2.5 km run, 10km bike, 1.25km run
  •  8 – 12 years:                                     1.25km run, 5km bike, 1.25km run

10.Entry fees:

                ONLINE ENTRIES:                www.fstriathlon.co.za

                Please register online before 18:00 the Friday before the event.

  • Long distance                    R220.00
  • Standard                            R170.00
  • Sprint                                  R120.00
  • Super sprint                        R100.00
  • 8 – 12 years                       R80.00 (no day licences necessary)

LATE ENTRIES (Saturday at venue)

  • Long distance                    R270.00
  • Standard                             R220.00
  • Sprint                                  R170.00
  • Super sprint                       R130.00
  • 8 – 12 years                       R100.00